Thermal Energy Storage

Shift peak energy use & lower capital and operational costs

Systems powered by BioPCM® can be used to add thermal storage for later use to new and existing renewable heating or cooling systems. BioPCM® is ideal for these applications because it can absorb and release significant amounts of thermal energy within a narrow temperature range.

Thermal energy storage systems allow energy to be captured during times of cheaper energy (off-peak demand) and utilized during peak hours. The off-peak charging reduces HVAC operational and lowers capital costs b enabling downsizing of the chiller. The BioPCM® powered systems provide redundancy and resilience and are providing 100+M BTU’s daily for customers worldwide.

The BioPCM® Advantage

Find out how BioPCM® can help solve your challenges in energy and cost savings.

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Telecom reduces energy base load and peak demand
School reduces HVAC energy use by 31%
Global Retail Bank reduces HVAC energy use by 27%

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