Logistics & Cold Chain

Maintain product quality during transport while containing cost

One of the largest applications of phase change materials (PCMs) today is in the storage and transportation of pharmaceuticals, vaccines, food, and other perishables – also known as cold chain. Our proprietary BioPCM® platform helps solve complex and expensive supply chain challenges like product spoilage, regulatory non-compliance, and cost containment, throughout the distribution and storage life cycle of a wide variety of temperature-controlled goods.

Our global customers in the healthcare and food industries depend on BioPCM®-based solutions to maintain the temperature of packaged and perishable products for specified periods. From vaccines and essential medicines to ice cream, chocolates, and frozen food, BioPCM® ensures the safe transportation of many different products while maintaining their effectiveness, quality, and efficacy.

BioPCM® enables temperature control across multiple temperature ranges, including cryogenically frozen, frozen, sub-zero, refrigerated, cool, and room temperature options with single-use and reusable products. Our range of solutions allows precise load temperatures to be maintained for 24-120 hours, ensuring safe shipments of high-value goods around the world.

The BioPCM® Advantage

Find out how BioPCM® can help solve your challenges in the transport and storage of temperature-sensitive products.

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Apollo™ Smart Panel & BioPCM® platform
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