Apollo™ Smart Panel

Consistent Temperature Control for Pharmaceuticals and Perishables

Considering the uncertainty of temperature requirements of various vaccines, PCS has developed an innovative platform of BioPCM® based solutions that support a range of temperatures from -75°C to 25°C. Designed to maximize temperature resiliency, Apollo™ Smart Panel optimizes energy usage inside retail refrigerators/freezers and in warehouse facilities to provide consistent temperature control.

Apollo™ Smart Panel is a 15.7”x 15.7” rugged polymeric shell filled with non-toxic BioPCM® phase change material that can be suspended from ceilings of cold storage facilities and installed in commercial refrigerators/freezers in pharmacies and retail stores. Once installed, the Apollo™ Smart Panel provides extended temperature stability during a power outage or mechanical failure with the refrigeration.  

Refrigerators installed with Apollo™ Smart Panels have shown to have up to 4 hours of resiliency during an outage, a 20% increase in temperature stability, and a 10% reduction in energy expenditure.

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Long-term advantages

The design of the Apollo™ Smart Panel allows for use in any refrigerators/freezers in the retail cold chain or proper suspension inside warehouse facilities. It provides latently charged airflow without occupying valuable space and has no moving parts. 

If desired, Phase Change Solutions offers full-service domestic installation services through its network of national, certified installers.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

Reduces energy expenditure by 10% for refrigerator applications, lowering carbon emissions

Extended Temperature Resiliency

Maintains required temperatures in refrigerators for up to 4 hours during a power outage

Quick & Easy Installation

Most applications install within a few hours, avoiding business disruptions

Zero Maintenance

Requires no direct power and maintenance, delivering results for over 20 years
Case studies
Telecom reduces energy base load and peak demand
School reduces HVAC energy use by 31%
Global Retail Bank reduces HVAC energy use by 27%

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